Christmas Transformation Challenge

Want to improve your body composition and get you moving and feeling better for the holiday?!


Discover how you can quickly transform your body by feeling and moving better with quick and effective workouts designed to drive results.


The holiday season is a busy time of the year. Shopping, family get togethers, and other commitments. And with all the Christmas parties that you will be attending, don’t you want to be feeling and looking your best?


What if I told you that I can give you the results that you didn’t think you would be able to achieve, let alone in 1 month!


As a physical therapist assistant and a fitness coach I have worked with hundreds of clients who have struggled losing weight and/or getting out of pain while other professionals have failed to get them results, until they discovered my system and discovered the formula to getting results and getting out of pain.


Take a look at some of the successes that I have had from previous transformation challenges.





In the past four years as a physical therapist assistant and a fitness coach, I’ve tested and tweaked these methods to find the fastest and simplest formula to dropping weight and getting out of pain.


With the Christmas Transformation Challenge you will

  • Decrease your pain
  • Decrease your body fat
  • Increase you muscle mass
  • Achieve sustainable nutrition habits
  • And increase your energy levels.
  • And the potential to win $500!


Now I know what you are thinking. How are you going to be able to help me get in the best shape of my life through an online platform?


During the challenge, I will be available to you at all times. Not only will you have direct contact with me I will also be:

  • Sending out emails with habits and tips to maximize your results.
  • Videos linked to your program so you know what to do.
  • Communicating through Voxer which allows me to leave voice messages to you.
  • Helping to critique your exercises by having you record yourself and post them in the Facebook page.


Hurry! This offer isn’t going to last!


But how much is this going to cost?


For the 1 month that the Christmas Transformation Challenge will be running you can expect changes and support like:

  • Losing weight
  • Gaining muscle
  • Getting rid of pain
  • Moving and feeling better
  • Done for you programming
  • Unlimited access to me
  • And the support from other transformation attendees


For the price of $149.99.


I only have 20 spots available and I expect them to fill up fast.


Don’t let yourself spend another miserable second frustrated feeling like you will never lose the weight or escape the pain that you haven’t been able to get rid of. You deserve better. Your solution is right here, right now, so take action today.



Q: Who is this Christmas Transformation Challenge for?

A: This challenge is for individuals who want to lose weight and gain muscle while also improving upon their pain and improving their movement quality.


Q: When does the Christmas Transformation Challenge start?

A: The challenge will start on November 26 and run until December 22.


Q: What type of results should I expect?

A: You should expect:

  • Decreased pain
  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved energy
  • Sustainable nutrition habits


Q: What does this challenge include?

A: This challenge includes

  • A 1 on 1 success session either through Skype or phone to discuss your goals, review your assessment form, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Done for you program with variety for whatever your needs are.
  • Individualized postural resets to get you out of pain and moving better.
  • Scheduled 2 week check in through Skype or phone to discuss progress and what next steps to take.
  • Nutrition Coaching that will help create lasting change


Q: When and where is this program available?

A: The program will be delivered to you via email on November 24 with links attached to each exercise showing you how to perform the exercises correctly.


Q: What is the workout program like?

A: The program will have 3 lifting days with a variety of options for each type of exercise to accommodate for equipment you have access to or based on lifting experience. Each individual day will not take you more than an hour to complete.


Q: What happens after the challenge?

A: If you would like to continue training with me, I will have membership options available for you. My most successful clients train year-round.


Q: How is the winner picked?

A: The winner will be voted on by everyone in the challenge and you will not be able to vote for yourself.


Q: This Christmas Transformation Challenge sounds great. How do I get started?

A: Simply fill out the application below and then I will reach out to you to schedule a Success Session. Act fast because I only have 20 spots available and I expect them to fill up fast.

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