About Me

Hey there!

I appreciate you checking out my site and am thrilled that you are showing interest in wanting to train with me! So obviously, you want to know how I can help you reach your goals with your fitness.

I earned a Bachelors in Kinesiology and Sports Science from Youngstown State University. Prior to completing my Bachelors, I earned my Associates of Science degree with a focus as a Physical Therapist Assistant from Penn State University.

I have worked as a PTA for 3.5 years, I have helped various individuals of all ages with a variety of different diagnoses such as general low back pain, shoulder pain, and different types of surgeries ranging from joint replacements and rotator cuff repairs. I have had huge success getting my patients out of pain and improving their mobility to return to the lifestyle they were living before.

I currently work at Byler Elite Strength Training in Warren, Ohio where I have studied and learned under Zack Byler. At BEST, we strive to help each client, no matter where they are starting from, improve their quality of life and reach all of their fitness goals. I am bringing our same philosophy from the gym onto this online platform.

So why train with me online?

When first getting interested in fitness, I had literally no clue what the hell I was doing. I would just go in to the gym and try to imitate anyone who was big in hopes that I would get those same results, spending hours at a time in the gym wasting my time.

As I have continued to expand my knowledge I have learned the most effective strategies to help improve my fitness levels not only through exercise, but also through nutrition while spending less time in the gym.

I am committed to helping you sift through all the b.s. info out there and teach you how to make these life changing strategies and continue doing them long after you’re done training with me.

Again, I appreciate you for visiting my sight. Be sure to follow me on social media and join my newsletter to keep up with what is going through my mind.

– Nick

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