The Best Diet Is The Diet That You Stick To The Most

Many people have asked me and a question I see asked quite often on social media is what is the best diet.

Everything from keto to intermittent fasting to regularly scheduled meals. What will produce the best results?

Well I am sorry to tell ya my friend that there is not a best diet. Everyone is different based on their goals, schedule, tolerances, and host of other factors.

But I can say this with the utmost confidence.

The best diet is that diet that you can stick with the most consistently.

It’s really that simple. And I could care less what type of diet it is. If it’s getting you results then that is the right diet for you.

And it is then my job to help you figure out what diet is going to work best with you. And it really is a trial and error experiment.

So I don’t want you going out there and trying all these different crazes that will ultimately not help you create lasting change and give you something to stick to in the long run. Far too often I see individuals jump from diet to diet with out immediate effects.

Which brings me to another point. Health and fitness is a long term game.

It’s not about the right here, right now. And the self critiquing is more than likely going to cause a terrible relationship with food. We all know, and possibly it could be us, someone who “falls off their diet” and then all hell breaks loose. Spiraling down where they are just saying “f it” and eat everything and anything they want. This is not a strategy that is going to be productive physically or mentally.

Lets not look at eating that donut as a means of failure. Instead, we acknowledge the fact we ate that delicious pumpkin donut (self proclaiming basic white bitch) and move on to making a better choice the next meal.

Nutrition is a lot like baseball. When Luis Severino makes a mistake leaving that 1-2 curveball over the plate and JD Martinez hits that 3 run bomb over the Green Monster (go Sox!) all Severino can do is move on. He can’t dwell on the fact he left that ball up. He needs to move on to the next hitter and make a better pitch to the next guy.


The last point that needs to be mentioned is the consistency aspect.

We are a society where we expect everything to happen right now. And that goes with losing weight. “I want the 20 lbs off right now damn it!!”

Weight loss is not a straight down slope. There are many peaks and valleys in someones weight loss journey. But there should be a trend line that is going down.

There are many factors that can lead to weight being slightly higher on certain days compared to others. I outlined some reason here in this Instagram post.

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There are several reasons as to why someone may have gained weight in a given day. ▪️ Many people live and die by the number on the scale. But many times, it truly doesn’t give an accurate description how well we are sticking to a plan. ▪️ There are many other factors that we can look at when it comes to progress. And those wins can be different for everyone based on their goals. ▪️ If you happen to be up 1-2 more lbs one day to the next, don’t freak out. You didn’t gain fat. Just keep on keeping on and stick to your plan. It’ll all work out 🙂 ▪️ #strengthtraining #hiittraining #strengthening #strengthtraining #nutrition #nutritioncoach #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightlosssupport #fatloss #fatlossjourney #fatlosstip #fatlosstips #fatlosshelp #fatlossgoals #fitnessmotivation #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #

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If we stay on a consistent diet where the trend line is going down then we are creating lasting change where you will be able to keep that weight you lost off for good.

And the long term game is so much more important than critiquing yourself when you make a less than optimal decision.

We aren’t going to remember a year from now that you ate that donut and got pissed off at yourself.

You will remember, however, that you have a positive relationship with food and enjoying what we eat is going to make it a happy and fulfilling life, rather than making food an enemy.

If you or someone you know is struggling with this sort of thing and would like to take the necessary steps to improve your health and fitness, consider working with me to help get you to your goals. For more information on my 30 Day Inside Out Transformation Program click here to learn how I can be of service.

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