Strategies To Help With A Lack Of Motivation

I was asked to write a post about motivation and ways to combat it when we are feeling unmotivated.

We all go through a phase where we don’t want to go to the gym. Whether it’s due to having kids, working long hours, or studying hard for school will take priority over our workouts. All of these things should be on the top of the list of priorities, but so should our health and wellness.

Personally, I don’t have a lot holding me back from being able to train regularly. I have the time, the access, and the guidance for me to get into the gym.

But what about those people who want to train, but just currently are not feeling it.

I put myself into those shoes, but looking at what I do now and come up with things I do currently that could help others get back into the gym.

1. Get a training program/plan

Life is so much easier when we have a program written out for us. For me, I like having everything spelled out for me so I don’t have to think. I just have to execute.

When we don’t have anything that we are working towards then it is going to be difficult to want to go workout.

The most successful people in the gym always have a plan.

The people who go into the gym with really no plan are the same people who want a six pack who weigh in at 300 lbs. and want to back squat a bus.

My advice, sit down and decide what the plan for a given program. It could be whatever you want. Knowing that every gym session is working towards that plan makes it easier to gain that motivation.

2. Have a goal with a deadline

This goes hand in hand with having a plan.

From my experience and coaching others, we are more successful with concrete and realistic goals.

When the goal is written down with a deadline it is going to create a sense of urgency. This urgency will help us become more focused and increased intensity in with our training.

When the deadline is approaching, you don’t have time to focus on non-essential bullshit. You will be dialed in on the stuff that you need to do and not waiver from it.

Your goal can be whatever you want, it doesn’t matter.

Have a goal that means something to you and put it on the calendar and remind yourself daily of it.

3. Consistency is key

Someone who I look up to and learn a lot from in Eric Cressey wrote a post about how he never missed a training day in 8 years.


If you go that long without missing a training session then you will for sure see results.

Just imagine how lean, strong, and most importantly, how good you will be feeling being that consistent.

Looking back at a time when I made big leaps in my big lifts, I wouldn’t miss a training session if my life depended on it. And as a result, my numbers jumped.

In a matter of a little under a year, I put on 20 lbs of mass while increasing my deadlift by almost 100 lbs, my bench by 50 lbs, and squat by 60 lbs.

If you want the results, you have to put the time in. If you’re not in the gym, then you’re not going to see the results.

4. Schedule your training

One of the things I did recently was get a planner where I write down how I am going to spend my time and focus on the day (I use the Panda Planner).

Every morning, the first thing I do is plan my day. If I don’t plan it out, then stuff isn’t getting done.

I block out time for when I am going to complete my training session during my day.

It is tough in a 2018 world when we have so much going on. We have so many other commitments and distractions vying for our attention.

Amazingly, when we have to make decisions it uses energy which will make us more fatigued and less likely to focus. By planning ahead of time, the decision is already being made for us and we won’t lose focus in our training, or in other areas of our life.

It’s like scheduling an appointment with yourself. All you need to do is execute.


I think if you do these few things they will help you in being able to gain that motivation back if you lost it.

My thoughts also show that there is nothing special when it comes to successful training. These are all things that we should be doing anyway, but we just don’t want to spend the time doing.

By doing theses basic things, along with the basics in the gym you can get back to where you were at before. 

Now, get back into the gym and crush your session.

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